About Us

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About Us

Legend has it that Hozzie Specialties all started when a couple of buddies were having a drink one night while chowing down on cheese and pepperoni. The friend said to Hozzie, “We should put cheese inside this pepperoni.” They grabbed some sharp cheddar cheese, added it to their pepperoni and created something better than they had envisioned.

So, they hit the kitchen and started experimenting with unique flavors and cheeses. They started drilling out holes in the center of pepperoni and mixing cheeses together for delicious concoctions. They spent countless hours coming up with the best variables for their cheeses, and eventually what is now The Hozzie Stick was born. Starting with sharp cheddar cheese, they went on to add multiple flavors to keep your taste buds on their toes.

Today, Hozzie Specialties has over 10 different flavors of cheese stuffed pepperoni that you’ll love, with a new flavor of the month coming out every month.

Our Products

Since our inception, we’ve come up with creative products using meats such as pepperoni and then along the way we added more exotic meats such Alaskan Summer Sausage, Caribou, Buffalo, and Reindeer.

We started with our Hozzie Stick, which is a cheese-filled pepperoni. We like to say it’s 8” of Meat You Can’t Beat! But we wanted to do more than just pepperoni, so we got to work coming up with a cheese-filled summer sausage called The Chubby. It’s a pound of delicious fun.

Of course, all this cheese stuffing led to a lot of leftover centers. Instead of being wasteful, we decided to do something with all that yummy goodness. We immediately thought of pickled sausages and pickled eggs and came up with the idea for our Pickled Centers. If you like pickled sausage, you’ll LOVE Hozzie’s Pickled Centers.

We’ve also expanded to filling dill pickles with cheese, called The Big Dilly. To some this may sound odd, but for our customers who like dill pickles, they LOVE The BIG DILLY!

All in all, we’ve got a delicious lineup of cheese-filled pepperoni, sausage and pickled foods that go well with a glass of wine or beer or as appetizers for your next party. And check out our dips for even more of our signature flavors.

Why Choose Our Products

At Hozzie Specialties, we consider ourselves the best at what we do. We take pride in our products and the quality of our food. Since we specialize in meat and cheese products, we know how to get the most from our ingredients. We’re confident that when you buy from us you’ll quickly realize we’re not like all the rest. Not only do we have AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS food products, but we also have a one-of-a-kind customer referral and loyalty program that is second to none.

Try us out and see for yourself just how good Hozzie’s products can be. Have questions? Well, we’ve got answers, contact us today via our contact form.